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Making an ADHD compatible organizer...

Tue Feb 7 02:02:50 2023

Still being written...


I hear you ask: "gabi, why do you need a custom organizer?". Well it's a little complicated and I hope I'm not the only one out there that has struggled to find a program that encapsulates their needs. Over the years I have tried several systems for organizing my work, ideas, and anything else that would require memory.


Trello with a Google Calendar plugin is what I used for my A-Levels. Organization went as follows: my Schedule was assigned on Google Calendar (with appropriate notifications for deadlines), Tasks that needed to be done were added to Trello, and at the end of every week I would try to reflect on what I had done for the week and move things around based on due date. However, as i'm sure some may understand, so much of this required me to check Trello, opening a new tab (often leading to distraction and completely forgetting about what i was doing), which simply isn't good for a program meant to organize School work.


Every time i thought of what i'd love in an organization program the ideas and requirements piled up, causing a pretty typical ADHD cycle of (idea -> start -> never finish -> forget -> repeat).

Getting started is always hard, so the starting requirements were kept simple:

At the ground level these might seem fairly simple but once you account for my inability to not pile on idea after idea onto a project, the project got more complicated.

What is it?