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Welcome to my blog

Wed Dec 21 19:10:27 2022

Welcome to my blog! I'll write about random crap on here.

Mostly about: programming, keyboards, and trains.

Making a blog...

How would you go about making a blog? Using Jekyll? Hugo? Ghost? They're all good options and have their different pros and cons, but I thought I'd make my own simple solution with Flask.

As you will very often find in my projects, I like reinventing the wheel. Sometimes it isn't efficient to do that, and of course in those cases I'll let more experienced people make things. Such as with a quick experiment with MDNS on the Pico, there was already a project out there that implemented MDNS for micropython, and while it was bugged, there was no reason to reinvent the wheel.

Blog structure:

It's quite simple really, just a basic Flask application with JSON data files storing projects and blogs, with Jinja templates for the pages and their content

I may open-source it at some point but it is something that can be easily recreated with 30 minutes and the Flask documentation